Myers brigs dating

19-Nov-2017 20:22

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You tend to be surrounded by people you love — but you tend to hide your deepest hopes, fears, and passions inside.

You can’t see having a relationship that isn’t meaningful.

Eventually (not yet), I will want to start dating again, and I wonder if any of you fellow INFJ's (especially those my age) have had any success finding compatibility on a dating site that takes your Myers Briggs type into consideration?

Everyone is different, and of course that applies to dating, too — especially when you take your personality type into account.

You’ll date occasionally, but not seriously, and only fall into a relationship if you genuinely find yourself wanting to spend consistent time with one person — someone who proves, through their actions, that life is better with them than without.So, you don’t “date” much, but you do have your eyes open for something great. You like connecting with people on an emotional level, and collecting crazy, interesting, random dating experiences — so much so that you’re in no rush to settle down.

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