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26-Aug-2017 18:53

He sticks needles of medication in her arm, and forces her onto the stage to earn money.

She crashes out in the tour bus, barely breathing, and no one raises an eyebrow. Be warned: Tragic Country Queen is not a jolly romp.

Then came divorce, a spell working in a shoe factory, and attempts to crack the country music scene.

Then we read about success at last, four more marriages - one to fellow country star George Jones - three divorces, four daughters, millions of dollars in ticket sales and, finally, death of drug addiction at the age of 55, although Tammy supporters say she used drugs only because she had chronic stomach problems.

) are all present in Tragic Country Queen but, in the swamp of interviews with anyone who ever brushed past her in the street, Tammy herself is a vague, elusive presence, hiding under her huge, blonde hair. Who was this woman who sang: 'Stand by your man', but who couldn't stand by anyone, least of all herself?

Neither Swift nor Jonas acknowledged the relationship.

"He's an amazing guy, and anyone would be lucky to be dating him," Swift said at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

Whatever their relationship, it seemed to turn sour by the time , which hit theaters in February 2010.

I think she was a professional martyr, who liked to rescue impossible men, a common flaw in fatherless women.

But fame spoilt her so she spent her life switching between monster and martyr and back again.If she liked people, she did their hair - she was a trained beautician, and she kept her licence. It's hard not to know whether to loathe her, when she lets her babies sit in wet clothes, or to pity her, as, despised by her family for walking out on her first husband, she wanders the streets, looking for a break.

The couple started dating from a long time back as it was from the year 1999 and after a relationship of more than 15 years they are still going very strong.… continue reading »

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