Carbon 14 dating the giza pyramids

20-Oct-2017 17:05

Therefore, I have discounted the idea of a ramp to the full height.The idea of an internal spiral tunnel by French architect J. Houdin and supported by archaeologist Bob Brier is another proposal aimed at getting a ramp to the top.It is accepted by most to have been built in the 4 However there is debate about the dating of this dynasty and whether he is the main instigator.The Great Pyramid currently measures 138 m high which is the equivalent of a 46 storey building.Most of these involve complicated ramps and do not meet the requirements listed above as they cover the critical sight survey lines.A full ramp to the top at 138 m has a certain appeal, and such a ramp is illustrated in a model in the Egyptian Pharoanic Museum (figure 2).It could not be built with sand or gravel as this would spread under its own weight.An engineered ramp of mudbrick would also be massive and not very feasible.

However there are some graffiti examples in some parts of the upper chambers.

It is proposed that the main construction ramp was on the south side of the pyramid (figure 3).

The reasons for this include: Engineering restraints suggest the main ramp reached only part way up the pyramid.

However, a ramp to the full height would be huge in scale and impractical.

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It would require much more material than the pyramid itself and involve an enormous effort to build and dismantle.There are a number of technical requirements for any proposal for the building of the Great Pyramid.