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The Thracians in North-East Thrace seems to be underdeveloped compared to their counterparts in South Thrace.The people lived in two types of settlements: non-fortified, located in fertile lands near water sources and stone built fortresses in hard to reach mountain environment, where were usually located the kings’ residences.Conservatism is easily noticed in ceramic items and in religion.The highest deity of all was the Thracian horseman, who had different names and functions in different places.Probably after the downfall of his kingdom, Celts blended with the greatly numbered Thracians in the country. BC in present Dobrudja land between Dyonissopolis (Balchik) and Odessos were created many small Scythian states.Their “kings” minted their coins in mints located in cities on the west Black Sea coast, including Odessos.

Celts started populating the region after their invasion of the Balkan peninsula in 280 BC.

All over North-East Bulgaria and even near Odessos were found a significant number of bronze items with Celtic ornaments and typical weapons, all quickly adopted by Thracians.