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I will be 24 and my wrinkles are starting to appear, so I will have to try harder! She says: "I don't mind, I do not discriminate against other people's occupations, it's all down to destiny! After seeing the doctor, she found out that she was just weak after not getting enough sleep." However, she reveals that on Valentine's Day last year, a Taiwanese fan sent her 999 roses and this was a lovely surprise. Michelle says: "The fortune reader says that I will not find my true romance until I am thirty and those that I meet before that will not be real. Also, she has had a sore throat, mouth ulcers and aching shoulders and she believes that this is caused by a build up of toxins after not getting enough sleep.If she didn't go to the MCI pagent, I don't think we would have ever known about her. i wuhnt sammul n michelle tew be tewgether in TITS.. The rumours are the same as ever and someone told me about the reports today, but we just find it rather amusing."Michelle also refutes the stories about them fighting over screentime saying: "The script was laid out very early on.

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She has good taste and I believe in her."creds-tvbspacenews.blogspot Edited by m1ss, 12 July 2004 - PM. In the Miss New York Pagent, Michelle came in third but since the first and second place couldn't go to Hong Kong for the Miss Chinese International Pagent, Michelle went, and she took the Miss Chinese International Championship home. Also, after working with Adam Cheng in "The Driving Power", Michelle has referred to him as her 'dad' and as Adam is currently filming "Proud Warriors of the Chu and Han" in TVB City, the pair often meet and this makes Michelle very happy. i wonder how she got bruised from filming western chamber... since the scene where her parents/family will be setenced to death will demand her to have a crying scene.. lol [Ming Pao]Michelle Ye and Myolie Wu have recently been working together on new series "Destinies of the Western Chamber" and new rumours reporting that the two are outwardly friendly but inwardly enemies have emerged, suggesting that Myolie is unhappy about her part being cut so she is just playing a secondary role and also complaints about Michelle's lateness and absence, spreading gossip around the cast and crew.

Having filmed with Michelle, Ka Yiu adds that she is too busy filming to eat hot pot now so it must be the meals that she is eating at the TVB canteen that is causing her to put on weight.

However, Michelle reveals the reason and laughs at Ka Yiu as she says: "You are wrong, I did sneak out to have hot pot without telling you! Michelle Ye has become the latest signing as a slimming spokesperson after successfully losing 17 lbs and wearing bikinis and low cut dresses for the first time in her new set of ads.

Yip (Ye)Vietnamese Name: Diep Tuyen Mandarin Name: Ye Xuan Nickname: Ar Suen Birthplace: Hang Zhou, Zhe Jiang Province, China Date of Birth: February 14, 1980 (Valentine's Day)Age: 23Measurements: 34C 24 35Height: 165cm (5'4")Weight: 103lbs (46.7kg)Blood Type: OLanguages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French Education: John Dewey High School and Wellesley College, Boston, America Family Members: Mom & Dad, Friends In Showbiz: Rain Lau, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Benny Chan, Patrick Tang, Ron Ng, Kenix Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan, Mat Yeung..(1999) Won second runner up in the "Miss New York Chinatown Beauty Pageant 1998"(1999) Crowned first place as "Miss Chinese International 1999"(2002) Nominated as "Most Improved Actress" for TVB 35th Anniversary Awards(2002) Nominated as "Favorite Partnership" with Raymond Lam for TVB 35th Anniversary Awards(2003) Nominated as "Most Improved Actress" for TVB 36th Anniversary Awards(2003) Nominated as "Favorite Actress" for TVB 36th Anniversary Awards(2003) Nominated as "Favorite Partnership" with Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma for TVB 36th Anniversary Awards(2000) Street Fighters(2000) Reaching Out(2001) Gods Of Honour(2002) Eternal Happiness(2002) Network Love Story(2002) Treasure Raiders(2002) Golden Faith(2003) Lofty Waters Verdant Bow(2003) The Case of the Green Hair (mini movie)(2003) The Driving Power(2003) Triumph In The Skies(TBA) Hard Fate(TBA) Oriental Flower Maiden (coming soon..)(TBA) Evil Butterfly (coming soon..)(TBA) Lost in the Chamber of Love (2004)(TBA) An Herbalist's Manual Websites: Michelle Ye (Yip Suen) flew back to Hong Kong from Shanghai yesterday to attend a costuming session for her new TVB series SAI SEUNG CHING YUEN (lit. The former Miss Chinese International has been in Shanghai working on the Mainland television series DUK DIP (lit. Co-starring with Ye in the historical drama are Myolie Wu Hung-Yi, Ron Ng Cheuk-Hei and Celine Ma Tai-Lo.

Shooting is scheduled to begin after the Lunar New Year holiday as Ye must still wrap up work on DUK DIP.Middle Left: Michelle was about to be beheaded, while speaking her last words with her maid, she kidded by saying, "Hung Leung, help me by adjusting the criminal name plate on my back." And Myolie who was trying to cry already, adjusted the plate while adjusting her mood to prepare for crying.