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She implies a dull dependence – that inevitably topples over into rejection. There are far more stories than the ones we are currently told and far more ways to connect with one another, whether we are using sight, touch or words.

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It is humiliating to stand beside a woman who would not want you were it not for the enormous weight of patriarchal expectations upon you both; even more humiliating when both of you know that she is a human being, just as complex and authentic as you are, tits or no tits.Even so, I do sometimes wonder how one might explain all this to a visiting extra-terrestrial: I know that if the situation were reversed – if I were to find a planet upon which all Category A aliens were assigned the status “doers/experiencers”, and all Category B aliens found themselves in the position of “carers/accessories” – I’d be drawing some pretty harsh conclusions about hierarchies, equality and inclusion (or perhaps I’d just assume Category B aliens were a lesser species?Either way, the “it’s all equal, it just doesn’t look that way” narrative really wouldn’t wash.Regular exercise also may help lessen menstrual breast pain.

Obviously, certain types of exercise (like running) may make things worse during the time when your breasts are hurting.

You might feel more comfortable if you wear a supportive bra during this time.