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While originally maintaining its late-night time slot, new episodes were eventually moved to p.m.

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Throughout the course of the show's history, it has gone through numerous changes, in more than just name.

During video-game analysis and viewer mail segments, Sessler and Webb would sit in orange recliner chairs as they debated over the issue at hand.

On January 14, 2008, the G4 network commenced with a complete overhaul to the show's entire format, branding the move as X-Play "jumping to the next level".

In addition, G4 took advantage of the new set and show format by expanding X-Play's schedule in order to air new episodes five days a week.

However, economic factors forced G4 to contract X-Play's schedule back down to only three original episodes per week, starting on March 2, 2009; in addition, the show's timeslot was moved out of prime-time to p.m.As a consequence, there were new sets designed for X-Play, and many G4 employees involved in production were laid off. Building's set was smaller than the Santa Monica studio, thus some aspects of the studio had to be shrunk down.