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29-Oct-2017 02:50

“If he values you, he will be keen to make a good impression on your parents, and that's the guy you want them to meet.”3. If you still don’t hear from him, let go and move on.4.

“We should be Facebook friends.”Davis says this pops up most often with younger women.

”, there’s really no way for the guy to say no without starting a fight, Blews adds. Trip.” Guilting a guy into anything is the best way to get used and abused, because you’re telling him you’re desperate, he adds. ” If he likes you, that's enough to get him to reach back out, Blews says.

Wait until it’s just the two of you in a private place and start an open conversation about your past and their past experience with relationships and sex.

This way it follows a natural flow of conversation and is a lot less random and awkward.

When the moment comes, the best thing you can do is be honest. Once the words have left your mouth, the bit you’ve been terrified about comes next – how they react.

If you’re not sure how to get the convo started, try some of these lines: The straight to the point one: ‘How many relationships have you been in?

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’ The not-so-straight to the point one: ‘So, am I the only [insert your hair colour] you’ve dated?Backstage: Blog Gossip This was the first to report that the pair were dating and claims R.