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18-Nov-2017 01:56

“But the reason you have these types of sites is that most of what’s sold is illegal.

It’s child pornography, kill-my-husband, drugs, guns, you want to buy a child—you name the type of global crime, this is a marketplace where you can buy these things.”Screenshots provided to The Daily Beast by a member of Marines United 214, who asked to be called “Andre” to protect his identity, show that some members of the group are attempting to profit from the controversy surrounding Marines United.

But it’s still on the same street, still on the same internet and connection and hardware, but the places are difficult to find.

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As Alpha Bay describes itself: “We are a darknet market that specializes in all kinds of illegal goods” adding, “We are an anonymous marketplace selling drugs, weapons and credit cards…

“You’ve got houses with addresses and houses without addresses.