Cellvalidating datagridview in c net

14-Jan-2018 22:49

Now, since so many books use the Cell Validating event, I wonder if there is not any gotcha (in display for example) with using the Cell Value Changed?

cellvalidating datagridview in c net-23

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On the other hand, the Cell Value Changed event seems to trigger only when the value of the cell changes, which means the validation code runs only when the value changes and not everytime a user changes cells.

the add row method the cell validating event is trggered, don't know…

cell validating event triggers and a value is entered in the datagridview cell …right??

column, its value is tested for validity by checking that it is not empty.

It not only supports data binding but also provides frequently needed column types, such as combo box and button.

DGV is probably executing this event because of some other update…: [CODE]// flag to block Cell Validating event while adding row bool adding Row…) - is to call the button event for adding a new row…

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