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Of course running has many benefits; but for someone like me, fast approaching a half century of wear and tear, it’s not going to achieve the best results and risks causing mechanical problems.It has also been shown to lower levels of testosterone which, as we are discovering, is as vital for the overall hormonal health of women as it is for men.Perhaps thanks to the awesome and overwhelming strength of the hormonal cocktail during those 40 weeks, all my other symptoms simply disappeared. Even my hair stopped falling out, a minor miracle that has never been repeated since.Six months after the birth of my second child my hair loss became so extreme I could not face leaving the house. It’s because of these personal experiences that I have long been interested in hormones.It’s about supporting the endocrine system (the collection of glands that produce the hormones needed to regulate our mood, metabolism, tissue function) through nutrition, exercise, supplements, sleep — and many other small but important lifestyle changes.Those hormones, you see, aren’t just there to make us have babies.Then there is Amino Slim, devised by nutritionist and personal trainer Zana Morris, which promises to boost HGH levels thanks to the amino acid l-ornithine, while her Chill Pill contains high levels of vitamin B5, known to aid the function of the adrenal glands.

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But even as events were unfolding on the news bulletins, another, far more personal change was taking place in my universe.

What Magic Mike’s got me doing, by contrast, is triggering the release of beneficial Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by combining high intensity, low impact exercises that engage several muscle groups at a time with small amounts of cardio to keep my heart rate up. ‘Sleep is a good time for the liver to process toxins,’ he says.

‘But if it’s also got to deal with processing alcohol, that means it can’t get the rest. It may relax you superficially, but as far as your body’s concerned it’s just another thing to deal with.’This holistic approach stimulates my body to repair itself and burn fat, improves mental focus and concentration, boosts energy levels and stimulates blood circulation. My sessions fly by — the sheer variety of exercises makes sure of that — and by the end I can almost feel the happy hormones coursing around my veins.

We are such incredibly sophisticated organisms, it doesn’t take much to upset our delicate internal balance, as any woman who has ever suffered from PMS (another overlooked and underplayed condition) will attest.

Curiously, the only time in my life I’ve ever felt remotely normal, hormone wise, was during my two pregnancies.They have other, extremely useful, secondary functions.