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The completed construction will provide a larger more sympathetic landscaped setting for this hi stor ic bui Iding including restoration of the historic view from the top of Anderson St. The project area is an urban site with no known reserves of natural resources. Does the project (s) area serve as a habitat, food source, nesting place, source of water, etc. The project area is an urban site and does not serve any function for either wildlife or fish. Could the project(s) affect fish, wildlife, or plant life?

Given the project's urban location surrounded by high density development, it is unlikely that it could effect fish, wildlife or plantlife. Are there any rare or endangered plant species in the affected area(s)?

None of the project area is presently being utilized for agricultural purposes since it is an urban site, already developed. Will the project(s) require a variance from, or result in a violation of, any statute, ordinance, by-law, regulation or standard, the major purpose of which is to prevent or minimize damage to the environment?Rather, the proposed center would serve as a means to reorganize and consolidate existing ambulatory care services to provide a single standard of high quality and cost effective ambulatory care.

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